What is Aktiba?

AKTIBA, Business Association of Adventure Sports Companies in the Basque Country, was legally established as a non-profit making entity on 18 June 2004, registered with no. 8/04.

The project arose from different meetings among sector entrepreneurs, who coincided in thinking that there were a series of work areas of common interest, which needed to be answered if they wanted to create a favourable framework for the sustainable growth and development of the companies.

The project:

AKTIBA's MISSION is currently made up of these two big centre themes of action:

  • The promotion of active tourism in the Basque Country under a single brand that allows for carrying out promotional campaigns with greater scope that improve the positioning of the Basque Country as a nature tourism destination.
  • The improvement of the competitiveness of the business framework via collaboration with Institutions and making the most of the group's advantages.


  • AKTIBA's VISION is that of a global and competitive offer made up of large variety of high quality active tourism services that, without degrading the natural resources, offer new possibilities for travelling around and discovering the natural spots of the Basque Country creating enriching and healthy experiences for our visitors.

The Aktiba Association has the following structure and management bodies:

      • General Assembly: Made up by all the partners. It carries out the functions of tracking and approving the Association's General Action Plan, inventory, budgets and financial statements and the management of all the other governing entities that act under its guidelines and control.

    • Management Board : Made up by a maximum of seven representative members of the associated companies. Governing body that directs the management and administration of the Association, programming activities to be carried out, managing budgets, coordinating meetings, and taking care of the associates' interests and proposals.

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