Hegaluze Itxas Zerbitzuak

Hegaluze Itxas Zerbitzuak


Regular boat tours to see the Urdaibai environment in another way. And also the option to rent vessels for groups, with a la carte service, where the customer chooses the route and the amount of time to stay on the boat and where to stop at ports or bathing places.

Work Scope

Regular boat tours through the Urdaibai Estuary Biosphere Reserve


Bermeo, Elantxobe, Mundaka, Lekeitio.

Main Services

Elantxobe Route (1 hour): Bermeo-Isla de Izaro-Ogoño caves-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo | Gaztelugatxe Route (1 hour): Bermeo-Faro Matxitxako-Peñon de Akatz-Gaztelugatxe | Sunset at Gaztelugatxe (1 hr. 30mins): Sunset on the horizon | Whale and sea bird watching (4 hours).


Hegaluze Itxas Zerbitzuak

Tel.: 666 791 021



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