Jai Alai Events

Jai Alai Events


The Basque people are well-known for keeping ancient traditions alive and in perfect harmony with modern times and progress. Basque pelota and the world famous Jai Alai (racket games not unlike squash) are much more than sports; they're true spectacles of beauty, strength and tradition. What's more, other sports such as herri kirolak (known in English as Basque rural sports), harrijasotzailes (stone lifting), aizkolaris (log chopping), village games, etc. are spectacular and authentic experiences that no visitor to Euskadi can miss.

Work Scope

Jai Alai Events organises exhibitions, workshops and activities based on Basque pelota, herri kirolak, village games, dances and Basque music. Both for individuals and groups who want to discover, practise and enjoy at first hand the various sporting and cultural events of the Basque Country.


Any city or town in the Basque Country, Navarra, Rioja, etc. has frontones (courts) or spaces where we can hold our activities. The magnificent Bizkaia fronton in Bilbao, the Galarreta in Hernani, the Balda in Donostia, the Jai Alai courts in Gernika or Plentzia, the frontones in Mendizorroza (Vitoria), and so on.

Main Services

Exhibitions and activities related to Basque pelota, herri kirolak, village games, dances and Basque music. Always with full crowd participation. From a master class in Basque pelota to a tournament involving everyone present, we tailor all activities to the levels of the participants.


Jai Alai Events

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