MENDITXIK mountain and canyon guides is offering different activities related with the environment, carried out with the highest quality and service guiding keeping always a close connection to the environment with the safest practices. All guide staff is qualified and we have a large experience in the Pyrenees and Guara Mountains, we have a deep knowledge of these mountains and canyons. In addition, we are only using authorized and approved material. The activities are designed according to the level and experience of the clients; we have set the goal to offer unforgettable experiences. Apart for being very interesting mountains in terms of natural value, Basque mountains are also linked to local mythology, history, gastronomy and culture. In fact, this condition is kept in mind while the activities are designed, and we try to offer a experience that goes beyond of a simply sport activity, showing and presenting all the secrets of Basque mountains.

Work Scope and locations

The headquarters of the company is located in Arrasate (Gipuzkoa), and the activities are carried out in Euskal Herria, Pyrenees, Guara Mountains, The Picos de Europa, Alps,…

Main Services

Mountain climbing, routes, mountain crossing, trekking, hiking, cresting, snow rackets walks and routes, ferrata routes, canyons and courses.



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