Sopuerta Abentura

Sopuerta Abentura


Sopuerta Abentura is the adventure park in the largest trees of the Basque Country. We have 9 circuits of varying difficulty and at different heights.

Work Scope

Our tours are suitable for children from 2 years accompanied by an adult to help them and for adults of any age.


We are 1km from the centre of Sopuerta, in the San Cristobal neighbourhood, near the San Viator School, 25km from Bilbao.

Main Services

Among the 88 games that are on our circuit, we have 28 zip lines, the longest at 250 metres long and 21 metres high. Zip lines, bridges, lianas, jump into the void. The activity lasts two hours, plus the time it takes to place the harnesses and receive safety briefings, a total of about 2 hours and 15 minutes. During this time an adult can do all circuits or repeat any. Depending on ages and heights, children can make only a few circuits and repeat them.


Sopuerta Abentura

Tel.: 94 610 40 51 | 663 805 609

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