Troka Abentura

Troka Abentura


Troka Abentura Tourism Company Active on the Basque Coast, Euskadi. A team of professionals with over 15 years of experience brings you closer to adventure. Get hooked on adventure!

Work Scope

We have a great variety of activities and multi-adventure programmes for all tastes and levels such as climbing, archery, canoe trips, surfing courses, abseiling, geological hiking, etc. We have a wide range of activities aimed at school groups, councils, associations, leisure groups, teams, you! In our database you will find adventure seasoned with friendliness and attention from our staff.


Our Base is located next to Gorliz beach, 27 kilometres from Bilbao, Bizkaia. We offer you all the approved materials necessary to conduct the activities, a team of professional supervisors, changing rooms and a Hostel. All you need do is bring is your personal clothing and be eager to enjoy yourself!

Main Services

Canoe trips: Cala de los Contrabandistas and Ruta de los Anguleros | Climbing, Abseiling and Surfing Courses | Stag/Hen Parties | Multi-Adventure Trips: combines the activities that most interest you (climbing and archery, canoeing and snorkelling, surfing and slack-line, gymkhana and pedal karts, etc.) | Organising Activities at Parties and Events | Business Incentives and Team Building | Preparation and organisation of adventure tests for reality television.

Activities with Accommodation

Gazteak Martxan: Multi-adventure and accommodation at Albergue de Gorliz | Surf Camps | Multi-adventure Camps.


Troka Abentura

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