Txindokiko Itzala

Txindokiko Itzala


In Txindokiko Itzala adventure and amusement are guaranteed. Located in a privileged natural surroundings, Txindokiko Itzala offers you an opportunity to practice different adventure activities.

Scope of work

Adventure Park and outdoor activities in a natural environment.


Placed in Larraitz neighborhood, Abaltzisketa (Gipuzkoa), at the foot of Mount Txindoki.

Main Services

The Adventure Park, where you will find fun on top of the trees. The best known games are zip-lines, but in our park you will also find a big variety of games and different ways to move up from one tree to another. There are three circuits adapted to different ages and levels, children and adults alike can have fun discovering the nature surroundings. In addition to the adventure park, in Txindokiko Itzala you can practice other outdoor activities as climbing, archery, hiking and canyonig, among many other things.


Txindokiko Itzala

Tel.: +34 628 94 72 53 / +34 943 65 47 57



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